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Isn't it wonderful? If we could walk, holding hands...

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listen to my story. this may be our last chance.

Facts: Taurus. Loving. Friendly. Spontaneous. Fun. Gamer. Hopeless Romantic. Comedian. Musician. Analytical. Organized. Selfless. Silly. Emotional. Caring. Opinionated.
+Likes+: Video Games. Music. Steak. Friends. Bonfires. Satellite Wafers. Culture. Traveling. Adventure. Warheads. Love. Paladins.
-Dislikes-: Discrimination. Arguing. Lying. 'Cuz.' 'K.' Other drivers. Death metal. Waste. Being spoken over. Finishing my sentences. Cellphones. Hypocrites. Closed minds.
Travel: Abu Dhabi | Alaska | Australia | California | Canada | China | Egypt | France | Germany | Ireland | Italy | Japan | Korea | Las Vegas | Louisiana | Maine | New York City | Pakistan | Russia | Spain | Sweden | Tennessee | Thailand | United Kingdom
Bucket List: Skydiving. Mountain climbing. Taking a cruise. Train ride. Participate in a bicycle/running cross country marathon. CEO of a Video Game Company. Kids. Paragliding. Hot Air Balloon. Being knighted. Sailing a pirate ship.
I highly recommend clicking on the numbers 1 and 2, at the bottom. They are two of the biggest reasons I enjoy blogging, and I love them to death.
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311, 500 days of summer, :3, animal crossing, anime, ar tonelico, arrietty, art, assassin's creed, atlus, balthier, barnes and noble, beer, big bang theory, bram stoker, capcom, castlevania, cecil harvey, cello, chivalry, computers, cooking, dance dance revolution, disney, dracula, dragoons, driving, eating, edgeworth, enix, f. scott fitzgerald, fatal frame, final fantasy, fire emblem, forests, fran, gameboy advance sp, grasshopper manufacturer, grimgrimoire, harry potter, harvest moon, hayao miyazaki, hironobu sakaguchi, house m.d., humor, indie folk, ireland, italy, ivalice, japan, jrpgs, karaoke, kare kano, katamari damacy, koji kondo, konami, level 5, mana series, manga, marmalade boy, mega man, metroid, mistwalker, music, mythology, nanowrimo, nature, new girl, nintendo, nis america, nobou uematsu, oceans, odin sphere, of mice and men, orbit gum, otters, owls, paladins, penelo, persona 4, playstation 3, poetry, polar bears, porco rosso, princess mononoke, psp, pythagorean theorem, rain, reading, resident evil, robert downey jr., rurouni kenshin, satellite wafers, satoru iwata, science, shigeru miyamoto, shoji meguro, shojo beat, singing, slayers, snow leopards, square-enix, squaresoft, starbucks, studio ghibli, suda 51, summer, sunsets, sweden, tales of, tea, technology, terra branford, tetris, the civil wars, the great gatsby, the head and the heart, the koroks, the legend of zelda, the lumineers, thinking, thor, thunderstorms, tidus, vaanelo, vampires, video game development, video games, volkswagen, washu, whales, wine, world of narue, writing, yotsuba&!
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